Best Places to Visit While Holidaying in Bali

Best Places to Visit While Holidaying in Bali

If you find yourself preparing for a perfect getaway holiday in Bali, Indonesia anytime soon, and have realised that you want to fill your time there exploring all of the best features that the local area provides you with, then you can easily browse through this list of the best places to visit while holidaying in Bali, and we’re sure that you’ll find plenty to catch your interest. For flights to Bali, it is easiest to check Qatar Airways, as they provide easy connecting flights to the island that are filled with comfort and easy travel.

Best Places to Visit While Holidaying in BaliTanah Lot

As one of the most famous Hindu temples in Bali, Tanah Lot is a great place for anyone travelling to Bali to visit. Tanah Lot is one of seven sea temples in Bali, that all lie within eyesight of the next temple along, forming a chain along the south-western coast of Bali. The temple is balanced on top of a rock based a few meters off shore, and is most popular for its serenity and cultural significance. While you cannot enter the main temple, the sights surrounding are amazing, with the on-shore site dotted with smaller shrines alongside many leisure facilities for visitors. It is advised that you visit during low tide, as large waves crashing against walkways can be dangerous.


LovinaBest Places to Visit While Holidaying in Bali

Lovina is the largest resort area on the north coast of Bali and provides beautiful and well-kept beaches for all of its visitors. Lovina is most well known for the black volcanic sand you can find on its beaches, and is also a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, which makes it the perfect place for underwater adventure. You can also find the opportunity for dolphin sighting boat trips here, which you are best attending at dawn to really find the dolphins and makes this area perfect for families and explorers.


Pura Luhur UluwatuPura Luhur Uluwatu

Luhur Uluwatu is a temple located on the edge of a limsetone cliff that balances 70 metres above sea level. The temple is one of six key temples that are believed to be Bali’s spiritual pillars, and is known to be the perfect backdrop for sunset views. If you visit the temple you will be able to witness one of their daily Kecak dance performances, and while only Hindu priests are allowed in the innermost sanctuary of the temple, the gardens and surrounding views provide plenty of opportunities to be at awe with the temple.


Mount BaturBest Places to Visit While Holidaying in Bali

Mount Batur is one of the island’s most dramatic landscapes, as it provides the chance to climb a sometimes-active volcano to any of those who are willing to spend part of their day mountain climbing. The volcano includes four craters, a lake and several villages among its scenery, and should take someone who is in reasonable shape around two hours to complete climbing, as it is described as fairly easy to climb for most. One of the major nine Hindu temples, Pura Ulun Danu Batur is located on the mountain and is a must-see area for many climbing. A sunrise hike is a typical tourist opportunity, as many people begin the climb at 4am to arrive at the peak at around 6am and watch the sun rise.


Best Places to Visit While Holidaying in BaliPura Besakih

This is the most important of the nine directional temples within Bali, and is usually known as Bali’s ‘Mother Temple’. The temple sits around 1,000 metres high on the slopes of Mount Agung and comprises of at least 86 temples. It is named after a dragon God that many believe still lives within the mountain, and includes more than 28 structures that have been built on seven ascending terraces. It is one of the most impressive temples to look at in Bali and is frequented by many visitors as well as a large amount of the Hindu population in Bali.


Ubud (and its monkey forest)Best Places to Visit While Holidaying in Bali

Considered by many as the island’s cultural heart, Ubud is a popular destination for many, including those who have read or watched¬†Eat, Pray, Love with tourism booming after its inclusion within the story. Ubud holds some of Bali’s most important museums as well as being a cultural centre for art, food and shopping, and you can find live music and dance performances every day within the city. The city is surrounded by rice paddies, creating a beautiful and calming contrast, and also is located nearby to a monkey forest, known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal. The forest is home to several hordes of grey long-tailed macaques, and holds many interesting sites within it, including the 14th-century temple Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal.


Best Places to Visit While Holidaying in BaliBali Safari and Marine Park

The safari is one of the islands largest and most visited animal theme parks, and is home to over 60 species. The animals aren’t actually in a safari setting, but are able to roam free in large enclosures that mimic their natural habitats. The park is adjacent water and amusement parks, and will take a full day to fully visit so is best for a family to plan for meals and travel arrangements for the whole day. There are various free live animal shows within the park, and always the chance to be amazed by the wide selection of animals and marine life that they have available for you to see.


Goa GajahBest Places to Visit While Holidaying in Bali

The translation for this is ‘elephant cave’ and could relate to the statue of Ganesh that can be seen inside of the temple. The temple is an archaelogical site of significant historical value to Bali, and won’t take more than an hour to visit and see the sights. The temple is located on the western edge of Bedulu village and was built as a spiritual place for meditation. The area is filled with stone carvings and an excavated pool that holds carvings inside. It dates back to the 11th century and is a great site to see if you get the chance.


Disclaimer: As many of the locations mentioned on this list are temples, it should be noted that rules for entering temples in Bali include the wearing of a sarong and wasit sash as a must for visiting the temples, and women who are on their periods are prohibited from entering the temples.



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