Airlines are offering air miles for anyone donating to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Airlines are offering air miles for anyone donating to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas recently, leaving destruction in its path and causing multiple fatalities as well as significant damage. Most of the Houston metropolitan area as well as several other counties in Southeast Texas were paralysed by the event, and much of the state is remaining under flash flood, making many areas unhabitable.

Thousands of people have been left without basic needs like shelter and food, meaning that the thing they all need the most is donations. Which is exactly what both American Airlines and United Airlines know, as they are offering an incentive for people to donate to relief funds. All major airlines are waiving the fees they would usually charge for changing and rebooking flights for those who have been affected by the hurricane, yet these two airlines have decided to offer the chance to help the victims even more.

Both American Airlines and United Airlines have agreed to offer air miles in reward for donations to their chosen relief funds, with each offering a different incentive.

American Airlines have decided that they will give donators 10 AAdvantage miles for every dollar that the customers donate to the American Red Cross until September 24. The airline states that the donation must be over $25 for their deal to apply, meaning many can easily earn air miles by spending money on the relief effort.

Whereas, United have decided to offer a series of options regarding the rewards they offer their customers, as they ask for donations to be made to Airlink, Operation USA, Americares, and the American Red Cross before September 15. Depending on how much you choose to donate, you will receive different amounts of air miles with United Airlines, with 250 bonus miles being offered for a donation between $50 and $99. Any donations made between £100 to £249 will earn customers 500 bonus miles, and any donation that is more than $250 will earn the customers 1,000 bonus miles to use. As well as all this, United have also pledged to match the first £100,000 it raises through the campaign, helping to change attitudes of United away from its previously poor year.

As well as the airlines trying to help, other companies and public figures have offered assistance to the victims of the flood, with Sandra Bullock donating £1 million as well as donations from the Kardashians, Dwayne Johnson, Beyonce, and others. Airbnb have also offered accommodation for evacuees, showing how many can pull together in a tragedy. President Trump even visited Texas to survey the damage and to praise the efforts of those who helped on the ground, yet he avoided Houston so that rescue and recovery efforts wouldn’t be disrupted by his presence.



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