American Airlines flights just got a whole lot easier to sleep through!

American Airlines flights just got a whole lot easier to sleep through!

American Airlines have developed their new partnership with Casper, that has resulted in a brand new sleeping selection being introduced to their flights – but only for those flying in First and Business class.

The eight new sleep accessories have been ‘exhaustively engineered’ to ensure that passengers on American flights will feel the ultimate comfort while they fly, as the collection includes a mattress pad, a duvet, a pillow, a pillowcase, a blanket, a lumbar pillow, pyjamas and slippers. All together you’ll be flying in luxury, as the mattress pad will make sure that any lumps or bends in your seat will be smoothed out, while the lumbar pillow and pillow will help to offer your neck and back support while you sleep.

According to Casper, they have pulled out all the stops to make sure that these sleeping accessories are perfect for sleeping while flying, with engineers studying the travel environment of flight so that they can create the perfect blanket and duvet, as well as making a pillow that has hundreds of thousands of small fibers that will help to provide the perfect balance of support as well as breathability. Making these accessories as pleasant to use as possible can only help to prove both Casper and American’s aims at providing ultimate comfort for their passengers.

The accessories were tested on the longest American flight available, the Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand – which takes around 12/13 hours to reach the destination. Each accessory has been created so that it is the best option available, and as the products will only initially be available to First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy flyers they can be sure that their hard work will be effectively paid for, as well as hoping to promote Casper to a new kind of clientele.

The accessories will be rolled out in December and will make sure that Casper is reaching all new kinds of clients through the range. Each accessory has been designed to ensure that it represents the brand perfectly and will provide ultimate comfort to all of its users.

American is following United and their partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue in providing luxury sleeping accessories for flights, showing that airlines are beginning to prioritise thoughts surrounding sleep while on board a flight. Hopefully, the range will be available to all passengers on American flights, so that everyone can feel the benefit of a good night’s sleep on a long-haul flight.



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