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What would I need to call British Airways Customer Services for?

• To enquire about a flight from their airline
• To check on your booking with British Airways
• If you work for British Airways and would like to contact HR
• If you wish to apply for a job with British Airways
• If you wish to make a complaint about a service you received from British Airways
• If you have been charged for something by British Airways and you don’t know why

British Airways is the UK’s largest airline based on fleet size, and the flag carrier. The airline was founded in March 1974 after four companies – the British Overseas Airways Corporation, British European Airways, Cambrian Airways and Northeast Airlines, merged together. In 1987, the company was privatised by the Conservative government, and later expanded with the acquisitions of British Caledonian in 1987, Dan-Air in 1992 and British Midland International in 2012.

British Airways is a founding member of the OneWorld alliance along with American Airlines. The company also merged with Iberia in 2011 creating the International Airlines Group (IAG), IAG is listed on the London stock exchange and in the FTSE Index.

British Airways have a fleet size of 268, the largest in the United Kingdom, with 183 destinations to fly to. The company hires around 40,000 people and delivers to around 37 million customers each year. As of 2015 the company revenue was around £11,421 billion, and their head office is based in Waterside, Harmondsworth, UK.

British Airways Contact Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Head Office  24/7
Complaints 24/7
Reservations 24/7
Customer Services 24/7
Baggage Enquiries 24/7
Helpline 24/7

British Airways Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday-Friday 9am-6:15pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

British Airways Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office British Airways Plc, Waterside, PO Box 365, Harmondsworth, UB7 0GB

British Airways Contact Number for Customer Services

The British Airways homepage on their website offers the opportunity to organise your travel immediately, with a selection box allowing potential customers to input their criteria relating to their flight needs, such as departure and arrival destinations, dates of the trips endurance and what flight class and ticket type you require.

Along with flight only booking, British Airways offer flight & hotel, flight & car, hotels and car rentals bookings also, as well as the ability to customise your trip. Under the ‘Flights and Holidays’ section are three subtitles of ‘Explore’, ‘Inspire’ and ‘Extra’ which all show British Airways collection of information on providing the best trip, like the ‘Special Offers’ selection under ‘Explore’, ‘Travel Guides’ under ‘Inspire’ and options for travel insurance under the ‘Extras’ option.

British Airways gives the opportunity to manage your bookings after it has been purchased, by giving the option to find your booking using your booking reference and last name, and allows you to monitor your booking and any changes you might like to make. British Airways also gives the opportunity to check-in online, making your time in the airport more pleasant without having to wait in queues to check-in.

British Airways have a ‘Business Travel’ section which allows customers to see flight options for top business destinations and specialised prices. The business page also gives customers the opportunity to manage their travel by advertising the British Airways app. There is also a chance to browse the ‘On Business’ service, which is a free membership service allowing companies of any size to earn On Business points when flying with British Airways, American Airlines or Iberia, which can then be redeemed for reward flights and upgraders. On Business also allows money off on selected flights, offers a welcome bonus of triple On Business points, and lets customers link with their Executive Club memberships to earn personal Avios.
British Airways offer Last Minute Deals for customers that are looking for late deals, with options ranging from locations like Europe, North America and “Far flung beach holidays” in destinations like the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean. There are possibilities for any kind of holiday someone might be looking for, meaning that last minute holiday hunters can be left satisfied at the reduced prices on many of the deals.

British Airways run one of the largest and most modern fleets in the world, consisting altogether of 268 aircrafts, split between 14 types of airplane. The fleet itself consists of five Airbuses, featuring the Airbus 318-100, Airbus 319-100, Airbus 320-200, Airbus 321-200 and the Airbus 380-800. It also contains seven Boeing aircrafts, such as the Boeing 747-400, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 787-8 and Boeing 787-9. Their fleet also contains the Embraer 170 and Embraer 190. British Airways fleet contains some of the largest collections of Boeing aircrafts worldwide.

Planning a Trip with British Airways

When planning a trip with British Airways, customers are given multiple helpful options to make their experience as easy as possible. When planning your flight along with asking for your departure and arrival destinations, and preferred travel times, they also enquire about the passenger’s personal information, such as whether they are an adult (16+), a young adult (12-15), a child (2-11) or an infant (under 2). There are also options to look over for children who will be travelling alone, group travel plans for more than 10 people, and disability assistance for anyone who may require extra help during their travels.


When booking hotels with British Airways they simply ask for if one or multiple hotels will be required, whether the hotel is for part of the trip or the whole trip, how many rooms will be required, and also how many customers there will be, including whether there will be children or infants staying.

Similar queries are found while booking car rentals for your trip, as they require information surrounding how many cars will be needed, how much of your trip they will be needed for and how many adults, children and infants will be using the hired cars.

British Airways also offer the chance to customise your bookings to clarify if your flights will be return, one way or for multiple city/stopovers, and also if you will require none, one or multiple cars and hotels.

Through searching their site British Airways customers can find plenty of information to help to book the perfect journey, including displaying new routes the airline will be using. They also advertise their cheapest fares, and help to display different types of holiday to attract customers who have a certain type of holiday in mind. Under their holiday sections they show multiple holiday options, such as city breaks for explorative customers, or beach holidays for those who prefer to lay back and relax on their excursions. They also offer options for all-inclusive holidays, and family holidays, both helping customers find the perfect holiday for whatever they’re looking for, as making sure they can easily find family holidays means that customers will be transported to a family-friendly environment that they desire.

Executive Club

The Executive Club is a free to join membership that allows British Airways and other OneWorld partner airlines passengers to earn Avios to spend on flights and upgrades, and also offers other travel rewards. More privileges are unlocked through travelling, meaning that Club members are rewarded for simply using the service.
The Executive allows members to share their Avios with up to 6 members of their household, including children, and also allows memberships to be linked together for free, meaning families can collect Avios points quicker.

The Club also saves customers preferences for future reference on flights, such as preferred seats and special meals for catered flights. This means that members can always receive the highest service to their preference, and creates a bond between airline and passenger that means they will continue to use the airline.
Within the Executive Club there are tiers to climb through your membership. The more Avios and tier points you collect through your travels helps you to earn a higher tier within the membership. All members begin at the Blue tier, and must earn a specific amount of tier points to join the next tier.

To achieve Bronze membership customers must either earn 300 tier points, or have flown on at least 25 British Airways flights. For the Silver tier members must collect 600 tier points or fly on 50 British Airways flights. Gold memberships require that customers have flown with British Airways at least four times, and must have earnt 1,500 tier points. Gold membership can be achieved for life, meaning that customers memberships will automatically be renewed every year and they will consistently have a Gold membership. This is only gained through earning 35,000 lifetime tier points. Each tier gains new perks and ensures customers gain accurate rewards based on their loyalty to the airline.

Working for British Airways

If you’re interested in a career with British Airways any searches on the careers section of their website are easy to undertake, especially considering the search bar in the middle of their page. The bar asks for a keyword and your location to easily display any jobs matching your description and location, which helps you to know if you can find your perfect job within the airline company. If nothing comes up under your search that you are interested in, but you still wish to be informed if there is a job suitable for your application, there is an option to create a job alert to make sure that you don’t miss your opportunity to apply if there is a job you specifically want.

For those who simply wish to browse for jobs with British Airways in any capacity, there is an option to explore their jobs, and a display of their latest vacancies allowing people to see the newest jobs to apply for. This especially means that new positions can be quickly filled if they’re advertised on the site. For anyone looking for jobs on the site, there are three options to search through: ‘In the air’, ‘On the ground’ and ‘Emerging talent’. The Emerging talent option displays their graduate positions, their apprenticeships and their business placements, along with their work experience. These schemes help young people to gain a head start into working in the industry in multiple different ways.

The webpage also gives information on the rewards and benefits gained from working with British Airways, including a market competitive salary, which ensures that employees are paid well, and will continue to receive a reasonable salary. They also mention the importance they relate to employee well-being, and therefore provide flexible working along other benefits. Finally, they discuss financial benefits from working with their company, such as a childcare voucher system, and discounts offered at certain hotels and retail outlets.



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