All information about Ryanair can be found through calling the Ryanair Customer Services Contact Number.

0330 1007 838

Why would I need to contact Ryanair Customer Services?

• If you have questions about a flight from their airline
• To check on your booking
• If you work for Ryanair and would like to contact HR
• If you would like to apply for a job with Ryanair
• If you want to make a complaint about Ryanair
• If Ryanair have charged you for something and you don’t know why


Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline based in Dublin and founded in 1984. It’s primary operational bases can be found in Dublin and London Stansted Airport. Ryanair was 2016’s largest European airline when monitoring scheduled passengers carried and also the busiest international airline by passenger numbers.

Ryanair flies to around 192 destinations in 34 countries and has over 370 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts in its fleet. The company employs 11,458 employees as of 2016 and has a revenue of around €6.536 billion.

Ryanair Head Office Contact Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 24/7
Complaints 24/7
Careers 24/7
Baggage Enquiries 24/7
myRyanair 24/7

Ryanair Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Ryanair DAC, Corporate Head Office, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Ryanair Head Office Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday-Friday 6am-9pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

Ryanair Contact Number for Customer Services

When visiting the Ryanair site, you can first see how easy it is to book a flight with them. A toolbar at the front of their site allows you to quickly input details like your departure and arrival destination and if it will be return or one way to find an applicable flight. It also gives you the options to book hotels, holidays and car hire for your travel.

By logging into ‘My Bookings’ customers are able to access bookings they have made with the company and can monitor their journey and also change any aspects of the travel that they might need to. This means that if they wish to, they could possibly change their seating options or travel information for their flight.

Ryanair gives its customers the opportunity to check-in online, which makes the flying process much easier as it involves airport queues and helps passengers to make sure they’re not running behind.

On the front page of the Ryanair website, they advertise many of their deals on their flights, relating them to and airport that may be close to you or one that you input into their site. This helps customers to quickly discover deals they might not have otherwise considered and is perfect for anyone who is simply browsing the site looking for holiday ideas.
Ryanair also offers the opportunity on their site to buy certain benefits for their flights, such as reserved seats from £2, checked baggage from £10 and priority boarding from £5. These kind of deals are special when you consider that many other airlines offer these services only to customers who join membership clubs with the airline to achieve annual flight benefits. Allowing the public to use them provides exceptional service to frequent flyers and first-time flyers as well.

Planning a Journey with Ryanair

When planning a flight with Ryanair they start by simply asking you for where you would like to fly from and what your destination will be, and whether your journey will be one way or return. Once you have filled out these options it asks when you would like to depart and return, and how many passengers will be travelling, with options for up to 25 passengers. Any more than 25 passengers will have to visit Ryanair’s group booking section. With the passenger selection, they ask how many adults (16+), teens (12-15), children (2-11) and infants (under 2) will be travelling.
For group bookings, their site simply asks that you send a request for travel by describing the group relating to where you wish to go and how many will be travelling, then they will give you a quote relating to your journey for the best value. If you accept the deal, they will call you to confirm the booking and make a payment. This option is perfect for travelling with sports teams or for a large holiday party.

Not only can you book flights with Ryanair but they also give you the opportunity to book hotels, holidays and car rentals with them. Ryanair rooms asks for your destination, your check-in and check-out dates, how many rooms will be needed and how many guests there will be, including if the guests are adults (16+) or children (under 16), and it will find you hotels near to your flight destination that will be perfect for your trip.

Their car hire offers multiple different rental agencies, including Hertz, Firefly and AVIS, and asks you to describe which city you require your car for, what dates you would like to pick up and drop off the car and if you would like to drop off the car at the place you picked it up or not.

Ryanair holidays monitors your departure and arrival destinations, your trip duration and how many guests there will be (regarding how many adults and children there will be), and finds the perfect holiday for you, including family holidays, beach holidays and city getaways.

Ryanair’s website has a ‘fare finder’ option which allows customers to input their departure and arrival destinations and a rough budget number to calculate the best fare for their travels, meaning customers looking for good deals can use this tool to their advantage.

The ‘Travel Extra’s section of their website allows people to access information regarding their deals on fast track and priority boarding, which let customers choose options to make their journey an easier experience.

If you wish to set up a myRyanair account, it allows you to save your passport and payment details to your account, meaning that every time you book a flight you don’t have to re-enter the details, making your application process easier. The service also allows you to add friends and family as travel companions in your myRyanair account, which lets you add them to your booking easier.

Ryanair Baggage Policies

Ryanair allows for two free cabin bags on their flights- one 10kg max bag that must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, and one small bag that must be able to fit under the seat in front of you with their regular fare flights. Adults with an infant flying on their knee can add one 5kg bag to their allowance for the flight. Only 90 large cabin bags can fit inside a cabin, and therefore any extra bags will be kept in Ryanair’s holdings free of charge.

Checked in baggage can come in two sizes at two different fee charges. Small bags can weigh up to 10kg, and if they are booked online cost between £10-£40. If they are booked at the airport or through the call centre they will cost £25-£50.

Large bags can weigh up to 20kg and cost £15-£50 when booked online, and between £35-£60 when booked at the airport or through the call centre. Fees on baggage vary depending on route and travel dates.
Other fees such as equipment fees also range between airport and online costs, with items like bikes for £60-70, large sports items for £50-£60, sports equipment for £30-£35, ski equipment costs £40-£45, golf clubs cost €30/£30-€35/£35 and musical instruments cost between £50-£60.

Ryanair Careers

If you are looking for a job with Ryanair, it’s very easy to apply on their site. A tool bar in the middle of the careers page allows people to input a keyword related to the job they would like, a location they would be happy to work from and a department they feel would be suitable, and the site will show them any pages that may be relevant to their job search.
With several positions available in jobs such as cabin crew, pilots, engineering, on the ground, Ryanair sun and IT/labs, there should be multiple opportunities for you to find a job you wish to apply for.

However, if you don’t have a specific job title in mind and would just like to browse the kind of careers Ryanair has to offer, looking for their latest vacancies can help to identify any recently added jobs that you may find perfect to apply for. They also feature a ‘Job of the week’ section, which displays a certain job each week to enhance interest in applications.



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